Read an inspiring story on the 60 Minutes Web site about soldiers who are living without limbs, but doing so while helping others to do the same. Melissa Stockwell’s story is an upbeat addition to my Memorial Day, and it also reminds everyone of the consequences of war. (The sentiment one WWII veteran expressed this morning on C-Span’s call-in show, implored the listener, "When are we going to find another way? War is only the killing of people. We need to stop doing it.")

Like many soldiers benefitting from life-saving armor these days, Melissa survived an explosion, but lost a leg:

Melissa is full of enthusiasm for her country, her life … and now, her new leg. Her prosthetic leg goes all the way up to her hip. Getting her new leg helped Melissa find a new calling: She is studying to be a prosthetist, to help other amputees. (cbs news)

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