South Africa World Cup 2010, Agencia Brasil, CC licenseIt wasn’t only government who made the South African World Cup a success. It was the 15,000 citizens who volunteered — South Africans who experienced patriotism like they hadn’t felt in years, or maybe ever.

The camaraderie and shared experiences of ordinary citizens gave strangers a sense of belonging and left us with the realization that we are able to achieve what we set our minds to.

Positive media reports boosted our confidence and created a new self-image, one that led a South African citizen to believe, “I can make a difference”.

Following on from there, we have seen a movement for good spreading throughout the country, so much so that it has become fashionable to do good.

(READ the Op/Ed in Good News South Africa)

World Cup photo 2010, Agencia Brasil, CC license


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