Liftware-spoon by Lift Labs

Google is throwing its money, brain power and technology into developing adaptive equipment for people with essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease.

In September they bought a company, first funded by the National of Institutes of Health, that has revolutionized the humble spoon.

Hundreds of algorithms are used in a new way to give the Liftware spoons the ability to allow to eat without spilling, reports the AP. “The technology senses how a hand is shaking and makes instant adjustments to stay balanced.”

The four scientists and engineers who started Lift Labs explained, “Seeing our own friends and family suffering has motivated us to create Lift Labs and focus on improving overall quality of life and independence.”

The Liftware Stabilizer with battery charger and soup spoon attachment costs around $200, which the company says averages to 27¢ per meal over the first year. “After that it’s paid for.”

Liftware sells their products on Amazon, here.

(WATCH the video about Liftware below, or READ more in the AP story via

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