TIP for 1000 dollars document by CasualCynic on TumblrA blogger on Tumblr shared an inspiring story about her mom who is a waitress and her long-time dream to go to Italy and visit her family’s roots. This is from her description:

“My mom and I have been working the same waitress job for 5-6 years now. About 15 minutes ago this guy she waited on left and told her to take care. — Just that.

Prior to this she had talked to him about Italy. Her people are from Florence, this and that, and she said she’s never been. She got 8 years of art education and she’s working a waitress job. It’s pretty sad and disappointing, I guess. Her and my father divorced 6 years ago and she hasn’t had a real job ever. Just been stuck in a small town she’s not from.

This man who we have never seen before tipped her $1,000 dollars for a trip to Italy. Walked out, not another word.

Just when I start to lose faith in humanity…”

She also tagged the story with these descriptors: “There might be some hope” and “I’m still utterly shocked.”

(From the original May 20 post at Casual Cynic Blog)

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