Bear the Dog Rescued Facebook Kera Kechter Bagwell

Bear is one lucky dog. The little black shepherd mix has been rescued twice — and this time, he’s back home after being lost in the woods for two years.

Kelly Thomas and Ted Kupferman had rescued Bear from a shelter, but lost him two years ago, when Ted and Bear were in a car accident.

The crash startled Bear; he bolted from the car, and ran into the woods. Ted spent 12 hours combing the forest, calling out for his “best friend.”

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Ted never found him, but months later, two strangers did.

Kera Bagwell and Stephanie Sparks noticed Bear hanging around an old auto scrapyard outside Hiram, Georgia. They decided they were going to rescue the stray dog they’d started calling “Cornbread.”

They fed him twice a day for 13 months, but couldn’t catch him. They finally enlisted some animal rescue groups, built a large pen, and on November 21, trapped him inside.

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A microchip embedded in Bear when he was first adopted led rescuers back to Kelly and Ted — and get Bear home — just in time for Thanksgiving.

“I’m still crying over it,” Kupferman told WXIA. “This was not just a dog. This was my best friend; this was my child.”

(WATCH the video below from WXIA) — Photo: Stephanie Sparks, Facebook

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