dog joins cycle race -BBC video snapshotA stray dog has run alongside cyclists on their 1000-mile journey across China after a rider gave him some food.

He ran alongside them for 24 days, covering up to 37 miles a day.

Remarkably, the dog was indefatigable throughout the rest of the adventure and climbed over 10 mountains along the route.

“The group took care of the little dog during the more hazardous parts of the journey, such as on a steep downhill slope in Litang, where they made a cage for it to travel in,” reported the IB Times.

“It showed a very strong willpower and followed us all the way here,” Xiao Yong said.

The 22-year-old cyclist started a blog about his cute white companion, nicknamed Xiaosa, and now wants to adopt him.

(WATCH the BBC video below, or read the full story at MSNBC)

Thanks to Andrew Norris for suggesting the story!

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