Juggling Student-Youtube

This university student could have simply been let off the hook with a busted brake light – but when police officers saw that he was also driving under the speed limit, he was pulled over into an empty parking lot.

While the boys in blue ran his license, the University of Central Arkansas student explained that he had just been on his way home when he was pulled over.

The cops asked him to step out of the vehicle so they could point out the busted brake light. Then, they noticed something unusual sticking out of the youth’s pocket.

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Embarrassed, the student said that the item was in relation to him being an amateur magician.

The officers then became intrigued and asked if they could see some of the student’s stunts.

Without hesitating, the student pulled out three juggling mallets and handed his phone to the officer so he could film the exchange.

The Arkansas officers were then treated to quite a show for someone whom they had originally thought to be intoxicated.

(WATCH the video below)


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