A team of Egyptian college students has designed a vehicle that is powered solely on oxygen.

The current prototype can transport 1-person at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour (40 kph) and make it almost 20 miles without needed a refuel, but the engineers plan on developing the vehicle further so it can push at least 62 mph (100 kph)—and travel 62 miles on a canister of oxygen.

In addition to running on one of the most common substances found on Earth, the go-kart-like vehicle only costs about $1,000 to build.

The undergrads, who are studying at Helwan University outside of Cairo, developed the vehicle in hopes that it will prove useful following economic reforms in Egypt.

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“The operational cost of the vehicle… will be almost nothing,” Mahmoud Yasser, one of the vehicle’s designers told Reuters.

“You are basically using compressed air. You are not paying for fuel and also you do not need cooling.”

(WATCH the video below)]

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