A woman collapsed on a subway platform and fell onto the tracks. Two men pulled her to safety before an oncoming train approached, but disappeared once she was okay.

(Watch the AP video below)



  1. Hi Everyone,
    I was fortunate enough to see this news video right on the Yahoo Home Page when they first posted it. Unfortunately they never kept it up there for too long…..

    My Love and Gratitude goes out to the two Heroes that have acted out of an Intention of kindness by saving this woman’s Life.
    You are two truly amazing Beings.

    I have posted your story on ‘The Secret Forum’ in order to share with others the Good Deed that you have done!
    Please feel free to visit the link: http://thesecret.powerfulintentions.com/forum/thesecret/message-view/22561211

    Love, Peace and Light

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