sccess-given.jpgMany people are in the midst of reinventing their lives in the coming months.

Perhaps you are dealing with a layoff. Maybe you are looking at retirement and wondering what changes might be in store. Maybe you have recently married or divorced.

Change, whether out of choice or circumstance, can bombard you with an overwhelming feeling of unhappiness and fear. It’s easy to spiral down and judge your current situation in a negative light.

You look for signs to let you know if you are on the right path and to make sense of your world. What does it mean when you feel afraid? Does the fear mean you are exactly on the right path or does it mean you need to retreat?  Should you trust your upbringing even though the old beliefs no longer serve you?

Even if you get what you want, you can wind up feeling frustrated and confused. What does it all mean?

This is where my friend and mentor, Marlene Chism, comes in really handy. When I talk to her on the telephone during those moments in which I am wondering, ‘Where IS the success?’, it is like having someone drill a big hole in the dark foreboding sky — suddenly some light is shining through!

Today she is launching her new book, Success is a Given: Reading the Signs While Re-inventing Your Life. Owning this book will be like having that giant drill in your hands personally.

From practical advice (with actual suggestions) to spiritual truths presented plainly, Marlene assures you, as her book title suggests, that Success is a Given.

She ought to know. She reinvented her life ten years ago when she left a 20-year job in manufacturing — working on the factory floors of Kraft Foods — to pursue her dream. She’s now a national speaker, trainer, coach and author.

The book is an easy-to-read guide with chapters named for issues that remain unresolved for many of us: Guilt, Courage, Self Love and Winning.

  • Do you believe Success IS A GIVEN for YOU?
  • Is Success something you desire but have never fully achieved?
  • Are you content with the success of your family, relationships, and your business?

Although you might answer YES to one or all of those questions, there are many of you who KNOW there is something BETTER!

I am purchasing the book for myself today because I love Marlene and know how many times she has given me clarity when I most needed it!

One of my favorite moments was when I questioned something she was saying, using an often-quoted opinion from one of the motivational business speakers we’d heard talk about success. She said, “Oh, [email protected] the gurus! They think they know your business, but they don’t. Trust yourself”

The official book launch, which runs for a limited time, is also a great opportunity to get other good stuff from generous authors and experts who want  to help inspire each person who purchases a copy of Marlene’s Book. In fact, you will access over $5,000.00 in free bonuses just for buying her book today — priced at $14.95.

To help people start living the life of their dreams, she is also offering a FREE coaching teleseminar as one of the bonus gifts. You can sign up for a Q & A tele-seminar and submit your questions in advance for a chance to connect personally with Marlene. So, you not only get amazing inspiration from Success is a Given, but you can get free coaching on how to implement the powerful messages in Marlene’s Book as well!

Go to her webpage and click to buy the book from Amazon, then add your confirmation code into her website to get all the bonuses from “some of the top people in personal development”.

Click here to participate (but, do it soon):


marlene-chism.jpg Marlene’s wisdom has been frequently featured on the Good News Network, like her November article, Skills for a Successful Life. (Check out all her articles, on her author page.) She’s the creator of “Stop Your Drama” and we heard some of her methods in October on the tele-seminar, “Free Yourself from Financial Frenzy” — part of my Great Mentors Audio Series — which was great, except I had a cold! Call this number to hear the tele-seminar for free (just pay the long distance charge):
Playback Number: (641) 715-3413  (Access Code: 920659#)


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