superhero-make-a-wish-cnn.jpgThe Make-A-Wish Foundation made 13-year-old Erik Martin’s superhero dream a reality with a giant city-wide role playing scenario that incorporated all of Seattle. With the help of a major league soccer team, a DeLorean, and Spider-Man, Electron Boy saved the day.

Martin, who is living with liver cancer, always wanted to be a superhero, and the people of Seattle, along with the Make-A-Wish foundation made that fantasy a reality for one perfect day.

On April 30th, Martin woke up to a desperate phone call from Spider-Man, the only other Super who knows the superhero identity as Electron Boy. He quickly explained the dilemma: “Dr. Dark” and “Blackout Boy” had imprisoned the Seattle Sounders in a locker room at Qwest Field. Only Electron Boy could free them.

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