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Support for Paris is flooding into France from around the world, after scores of people were killed in deadly attacks yesterday.

In a statement, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he was prepared to join France to “combat terrorism and protect the safety of all people” around the world.

In additions to condemnation from Western world leaders, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also called the attack an “inhuman crime”.

Buildings across the globe were lit up to show support for Paris. The spire atop the new One World Trade Center, the Sydney Opera House, San Francisco’s City Hall and other towers and bridges in Canada, New Zealand and Mexico, were all lit up in blue, white and red – the colors of the French flag.

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Supporters on social media have turned their profile photos into French flags, and photos of the Eiffel Tower grounds draped in the American stars and stripes in 2001, following 9/11 have reminded people of the solidarity that inevitably follows tragedy.

American Natasha McIntosh Westhoff wrote on Facebook, “We know your sunrise Paris- the one where the dust is settling, and you are trying to make sense of the senseless… But we also know – it never lasts. Because no matter what hatred does in the dark of night… it didn’t stop the light… in the brightest city in the world… We know, you will only shine brighter.”

(WATCH a video below from Reuters, “Support for Paris Floods In” *NOTE: It take a moment to load)

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