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Last Monday I was going to PetSmart to buy dog treats. As I pulled into the parking lot, a small dog jumped out of the arms of an old lady. I quickly swerved to avoid the dog– but hit a truck instead. I scraped my car all along one side, against his bumper.

I stopped shaking and got myself under control, got out and left a note on the truck. While in the store, I saw two men going to the truck and reading the note, so I ran out to talk to them. The owner was SO nice.

I apologized profusely and he told me he could push the bumper out by hand, and it looked like I’d only cracked his turn signal light.

“Those run about $25, so if you just want to give me that, we’ll call it good.” I told him I didn’t have any cash on me but could run into the store and buy something and get cash as change.wheelchair-kindness-surveillence-police-cropped

Cop Goes Undercover in Wheelchair to Make Arrests, Finds Kindness Instead


He agreed, and I thanked him again, telling him how much I appreciated it because I was sure I’d done more damage to my car than that. (Turns out, it was about $3k in damage to mine). He walked over and looked at my car, turned to me and said, “Never mind. I feel really bad. Don’t worry about my light.”

I told him he had nothing to feel bad about – it was all my fault! He refused to take any money for it, no matter what I said.

His kindness turned a stressful, nerve-wracking, embarrassing situation into something remarkably less so. Grateful!

File photo by ex-magician, CC

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