Even if you made no plans to visit Norway, you can now experience some of the country’s most beautiful scenery thanks to a live stream that is broadcasting on YouTube.

The footage, which is captured by a camera attached to the front of the train, documents all of the sights and sounds along the 7-hour journey between Bergen and Oslo, as normally only viewed by the train’s engineer.

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Hear the gentle clacking of the wheels against the snowy track as you make your way down past lakes and streams. From the snowy Scandinavian mountains to tiny Norwegian villages nestled in the hillside, the train offers you a view of the entire region without having to leave your chair.

A translated description of the video reads: “Experience the whole journey from Bergen to Oslo from the orchestral place, on the day one hundred years after the track was opened. Not a minute we miss, the program lasts for as long as the entire journey takes, that is, seven hours and sixteen minutes with just one person. You have never seen Bergensbanen this way unless you are a driver.”

(WATCH the LIVE stream below)

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