Cyrus Porter will be a Taylor Swift fan till the day he dies – especially after she stopped by his family’s house for a surprise solo performance and visit.

The grandfather was recently interviewed by local television station KFVS, saying that the pop star was his first and only musical favorite.

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When Taylor saw the news clip, she decided to swing by the house during their post-Christmas celebrations on Monday – and the family was ecstatic.

The musician took photos, gave hugs, and did an acoustic version of her hit single “Shake It Off”. Cyrus was so excited, he got to his feet so he could do a little shakin’ himself.

“Taking selfies, holding babies, hugging grandpas and leaving lipstick marks,” wrote Robert Frye on Twitter. “Taylor Swift does it all. Awesome day for my Popo!! It’s a Christmas miracle.”

(WATCH the video above)


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