Old classroom in sixties-teacher

This teacher left her students with more than just a love of learning.

Before her recent passing, Violet Laack of Chilton, Wisconsin, allocated all of the funds from her estate–worth about $1 Million–to the students of Calumet County, where she had taught for fifty years.

The money from her estate will be used to set up scholarship funds via the Chilton Area Community Foundation.

Laack may not have had any children of her own, but she made a world of difference in the lives of those she taught.

“She had energy, enthusiasm. She had a sparkle in her eye all the time,” Nanci Micke, a former student of Laack’s, told WBAY. She now works in the communications field and credits her English teacher for her success. “She gave me that sense of empowerment and confidence to move forward.”

While she was surprised that Laack was able to accrue so much money, Micke’s not the least bit surprised that she would donate it all in the name of education.

(WATCH the video at WBAYPhoto by ajari, CC

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