Next Sunday "gratitude author" Harry Tucker and I will be on the phone with our GNN readers discussing how to find gratitude in the toughest situations. Find out how to be thankful for the trouble spots in your life in order to make room for your greater good. All the details you need to join the call are found below (click read more). Ask us your questions in advance, or join in the discussion yourself, as we open the phones to all callers. Names of those who ask a question, or join the call, will be entered to win a book, The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, by Jonathan Haidt…


If you find it difficult to be grateful in the tough situations, then this call is for you. Find out how you can find the silver lining in any situation, the good news in any tragedy, the gratitude in any grumpy mood…

The drawing for the free book, The Happiness Hypothesis, will be made at the end of the phone call and announced on the Web site.

The call will be recorded to offer Web site visitors, who couldn’t make the conference call in person, a chance to hear the transformative inspiration.

The dial-in number will be a long distance call for most of you, unless you live in Iowa, USA, but many of us have free minutes to use or calling plans with free weekends.

Here is the call information: Mark your calendar now!


Scheduled Conference Date: Sunday, MARCH 4, 2007
Scheduled Start Time: 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
Number of Participants: up to 100
Dial-in Number: 1-712-432-2222 Iowa
Participant Access Code: 070707

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