I added a poll in the right column! –> It asks which day and time you would prefer, if you were interested in participating in an interactive teleconference with GNN-i….
The first teleconference, to be held later in February, will feature special guest, Harry Tucker, a businessman and gratitude expert from Canada. Harry and I will host a call during which we will help you to find gratitude in situations where none seems to be merited: Finding the Good News in your life despite the conditions! (Take the poll, or click to read more)


The teleconferences will be free, but you will likely need to dial a long-distance number. (Some of you may be calling using free minutes or other plans whereby the call will incur no charges.) We can host up to 100 people and we will open the lines for questions for the better part of 90 minutes. The call will be recorded and may be posted later on the Web site.

Even if you would not be interested in the February call, please indicate which day and time you would prefer should you think you might participate in future calls.

The polling will close next Thursday.

Ciao for now!


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