Our Chicago GNN Meet-and-Greet could not have been more fun! With sunny skies and a beautiful beach stretching right alongside our tables, we ate lunch at the busy outdoor restaurant, The Dock. Our youngest guest, Liz’s little girl, started telling jokes and we all joined in. Even our server, Derek, enjoyed the positive vibes and made us laugh.

We gave out a bunch of bumper stickers, a GNN canvas bag, and talked about our favorite good news stories.

beach-uptown-chicago-640pxAfter lunch, I wanted to sink my bare feet into the warm sand of Montrose Beach. Inspired by our little redhead and me jumping around waving our arms, Heyward took off his shirt and ran into Lake Michigan for a swim. That inspired me to wade in the cool sandy shallows.

I have organized parties in DC, Vancouver, BC, and Chicago. It will be hard to top this one (unless I hire a yacht again, like I did for my 15-year anniversary).

Thanks to all my guests, especially those who drove across town. I will never forget our time together.

By the way, if you haven’t received your free bumper sticker after pledging support at the $24 membership level (or higher) during my 17th anniversary campaign, email me and I will send it out right away.

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