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This Christmas was going be very quiet and basic, with only a little extra–but we would be together as a family, which is what the day is about.

However just days before Christmas we where visited by a wonderful stranger who had a hamper of delicious food and presents for our 5 children.

As she explained, a group had got together to help us out and thank us for being wonderful parents.

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Now we would like to also thank you. We don’t know you but would like you to know how much we appreciated your help.

The children were absolutely amazed on Christmas morning and so happy. It was a dream Christmas morning for them, Santa had delivered so much. For Mum and Dad it was so comforting to have cupboards full of food and to see them so happy. We let our eldest children know how we came to receive such a wonderful Christmas, so they would know the kindness and caring of people in the world, and grow up knowing there is good around us everywhere.

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Thank you to our Christmas Angels. You have given us hope and spirit. We really appreciate what you have done for us. Not a day has gone by since then that I haven’t said “Thank-you” to you again and again.

Once more, from the family of 7 on the Sunshine Coast of Australia thank-you. You are all amazing, wonderful, and kindhearted.

Photo: danna(curious tangles), CC

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