pumpkin_pile.jpgHappy Thanksgiving to my beautiful American readers! (We are giving thanks for our international readers from Australia, Norway, England, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, India, Ireland, and even Congo — along with too many other locations to name. See photos and messages from dozens of our readers around the globe and see where they live on this Good News Network interactive map ! I love you all — and hope to see you on the map, in print, in person and through the airwaves. May good bless on this Thanksgiving day and into the future… from geri, who feels supported, like the top pumpkin on a huge pile. (photo: Ashville, NC)


  1. Thanks Giving
    Thanks giving is like food. It seems to be necessary and enjoyable also. I think we have to do it regularly like eating, if not all the time. I sure makes me happy in the most adverse situations. It is even more necessary when under stress just a remaining calm in a crisis is necessary to think clearly. I have almost always been able to see a way out when I keep my spirits up. Of course there are other rules that we find as we go along.

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