businessman-w-feet-up-michael-connors-morguefilAn expansive survey from the job site revealed the top ten happiest professions in America.

Bosses, co-workers, daily tasks and the level of control they feel over their work all contributed to making Biotech careers the No. 1 happiest job. The No. 2 career on the list was customer service, with employees enjoying the ability to talk to people every day.

The fact that education employees rated No. 3, while legal professionals landed at the bottom, showed that “money can’t buy love–even for your job”.

At No. 4 was clerical work and administrative assistants; No. 5. is the often overlooked field of purchasing and procurement; accounting was No. 6; financial services ranked No. 7; non-profit and social services was No. 8 and health care No. 9.

(READ the story from Forbes in MSNBC)

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