scene from Life of PiTwo Academy Award nominated films, Silver Linings Playbook, and Life of Pi, resonated with so many millions of people because their themes of resilience speak to each of us — and are grounded in a growing body of scientific research.

Far from being delusional or faith-based, having a positive outlook in difficult circumstances is the most important predictor of resilience — how quickly you will recover from adversity.

For starters, having a positive mood makes people more resilient physically, according to a study by Barbara Fredrickson, a psychological researcher at the University of North Carolina.

Positive emotions can, she concluded, undo the effects of a stressful negative experience.

(READ the feature article in the Atlantic)


  1. [quote name=”geri”]Which one are you talking about? I just saw Life of Pi. Can’t wait til Silver Linings Playbook comes out next month…[/quote]
    I’m sorry, I just thought everyone would see the picture and know it was Life of Pi! I too can’t wait to see Silver Linings as well! 🙂

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