Lake with mistI am meditating on our waterfront patio. A chilly summer’s dawn has created a thick mist moving swiftly over the warm lake. It seems to be frantically searching the surface.

Then, a swath of golden sunlight slides through a break in the tall trees around the next bend and reaches for the water. It commences the mist to rise there, into its warmth. As if by unseen fingers, the mist is gently pulled up. In s l o w m o t i o n it spirals higher. Peacefully it is stretching, thinning, becoming one with all the air. And more mist moves in beneath. All the mist on the lake is being drawn to the patch of sunshine and its dance of release.

I suddenly see the mist as my own awareness. I hover low on the surface of worldly thoughts where I seek to find fulfillment. As long as I remain frantically searching in the ‘material world’ I am unsatisfied. But when suddenly my awareness rounds the bend and is touched by the pure warming light (of Truth… the feeling that we are all intimately connected by Something Higher), I naturally rise up and unify with all that is around me. It is as if I lose density and mingle with the subtle energies of love and peace.

I notice beneath the bank of trees on the far shore the mist is kept low circulating in the shadows. Similarly, I continue to hunker down when I concentrate only on the problems in my life. I keep the sun obstructed from my awareness.

I want to remember that sunlight (Truth) is always present and to rise up like the mist in response to even the darkest branches and leaves. Light is surrounding them! It is not confined to intense golden beams that arrest our motion; the sun’s light is everywhere. Rise and be embraced by it.

(Written and photographed by Geri Weis-Corbley, founder of the Good News Network)

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