If you prefer spicier food, there is a good chance you also lead a spicier life, according to this latest survey of 2,000 Americans.

The poll examined the correlation between taste buds and personalities and found that people who preferred hotter foods were more likely to report that they lead hotter lives.

The researchers at OnePoll asked the 2,000 participants a series of questions about personality. Then, the team divided the answers into groups based on the preferred level of spiciness in meals—none, mild, medium, or hot.

Interestingly, the results showed that people who preferred hot foods were more likely to lead hotter lives.

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According to the study, spicy palates tended to correlate with an increased sense of adventure, with participants who preferred hotter food more often expressing a love of roller coasters, listening to loud music, and driving fast down winding roads.

The spicy food lovers in this poll were more likely to have gone skydiving, scuba diving, and taken rafting trips.

They were also six times more likely to have gone bungee jumping than those who don’t like any spice at all—and 45% more likely to have traveled out of the country.

Results showed people who enjoy their food to be hot were the most likely to rate their happiness level at a perfect ten than any other spicy preference, and gave similar ratings about how happy they were in their current job.

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The hot spice lovers were very goal-oriented and 29 percent more likely to have a dream that they were actively working towards. They also showed higher scores for being sociable and extroverted, with hot food fans being more likely to say they loved meeting new people and more likely to rate themselves as good public speakers.

And, finally, spicy food fans self-reported having hotter relations in the bedroom with almost double the amount of… ahem, adult fun, than those who didn’t like any spice in their food (5.3 times per month compared to 3.2 times per month.)

The poll was commissioned by the hot sauce brand El Yucateco, which commented that its customers often “live life to its fullest.”

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