3 Peter and Greet released Fuif

We have photographic evidence that true love lasts forever.

Peter and Greet from The Hague, Netherlands have been married 55 years — but still celebrate every Valentine’s Day like a young couple –madly in love.

She remembers the first time they held hands. It was on a train ride. That’s why photographer Nienke van Denderen put them on a train for part of this “photo love shoot” for greeting card makers Fuif.nl.

8 Peter and Greet released Fuif
The two still exchange cards with a personal message of love every year – along with a voucher for a cup of coffee or brunch.

They thought they might be too old for this sort of romantic photo shoot, but the finished images prove beauty is ageless.

5 Peter and Greet released Fuif
Peter and Greet were married in 1960 and are living examples of love’s timelessness.

2 Peter and Greet released Fuif
Like these photos which capture a split-second in time, Peter and Greet are a perfect example of how love can make time stand still.

4 Peter and Greet released Fuif
In the video below, Peter and Greet share advice on how to make love last and stay happy–even for more than a half-century.

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