Plenty of half-court hopefuls have felt the pressure as they prepared to attempt a 47-foot basketball shot to win some free swag.

Imagine how it feels when you’ve got $11,000 on the line.

For freshman Lem Turner, it felt pretty good—when his throw touched nothing but the net as it sailed through, earning him a full semester’s worth of out-of-state tuition.

He’s the first Ball State University student in three years to score the free tuition.

WAOW News-TV reports that Turner did play some basketball at his Illinois high school, but is now on the college volleyball team.Lebron James by Keith Allison, CC licensed photo

LeBron James Pays for College Scholarships For 1,100 Students

The half-court shot has become an annual tradition for welcome week festivities at the aptly-named Indiana school.

(WATCH his priceless reaction in these two videos) – Photo: Ball State University video

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