Two days after her owner’s home was engulfed in a massive mudslide and all hope was lost in the devastated neighborhood, a dachshund named Tinkerbell emerged alive.

Heavy rains on Halloween night in Ventura, California, triggered the mudslide that trapped Henry Needham waist-deep so that he had to be rescued by firefighters.

His home was a disaster but the worst part was his thought that the 5-year-old dachshund likely died in the torrent of earth.

When the dog was pulled out, there were dozens of neighbors, whose homes had also been ruined, “rooting and cheering,” the man told KTLA. “It was so fantastic, you cannot believe it.”

(WATCH the video or READ the story from KTLA-5)

Photo by a neighbor, Bill Pyles  – Story tip from Joel Arellano

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