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A tee ball team of princesses stepped up to the plate this week to prove that girls can be tough AND pretty.

The squad of little girls known as ‘The Freeze’ from Edmond, Oklahoma took their group photo dressed as Elsa from Disney’s princess movie Frozen.

Their mothers collectively decided that it would be a good learning experience for the young girls, and hope that the message is clear: whether you prefer sparkles or getting down and dirty, it’s important to be authentically you.

Tiny Team of Elsas Feet CC Betsy Gregory

One of the girl’s mothers, the photographer Betsy Gregory, posted the photos on Facebook in the hopes of encouraging girls of all ages to be themselves.

“I think a lot of young women see the picture as empowering — empowering from the sense that you can be cute, sparkly and tough, and that’s okay,” Gregory told Today. “Beauty comes from the inside and that’s what we want to teach these girls. That you can do things and be pretty, but what is inside is what matters most.”

Tiny Team of Elsas Back Shot CC Betsy Gregory
All Photos used with the permission of Betsy Gregory

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