Presenting a guide to the greenest companies in the UK and the world. On the top ten lists are Danish and Dutch companies (wind and banking), Swedish and Australian (paper and banking), Japanese and British (electronics, retail and telcom), but, alas, none from America. (The Independent)


  1. No need to worry. The US are aware of this now and are starting to catch up. Dell was one example, and now google. Even Bush as we have seen recently. Once the US gets onto something they usually end up beating everyone else. I think how Britain developed the jet engine and the first jet air liner, even the first computer, and the USA copied the idea and did it better. This will be so with the environment too I think. There is a kind of “If China won’t do it why should we” attitude. But it is the consumers who seem to be leading the way on this. Dell is listening to it’s customers and responding fast. That’s why they introduced a PC with Linux recently.

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