Natural Cures and Healthy Living Effective Against Cancer, Parkinson’s and Behavioral Disorders

Omega-3 Fish Oil has proven to be a better ADHD Treatment than stimulant drugs like Ritalin commonly prescribed for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to new research.

• A striking correlation was revealed this year between violence and nutrients in the diet. A clinical trial at the US government’s National Institutes for Health and earlier studies involving people with violent records found that those given supplements have been able for the first time to control their anger and aggression.

• While suffering from a loss of speech and inability to walk, an Australian man was severely dissatisfied with western medical treatment and prognosis for Parkinson’s Disease. He decided to pursue other methods and with the aid of homeopathy, alternative therapies, counseling, meditation and spiritual development, he was completely symptom-free within three and a half years. His book called, Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin,’ is a do-it-yourself menu for reversing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

• A 16 year-old winner at the International Science and Engineering Fair for high school students found the first natural method to kill the pathogen that causes secondary infections often leading to death in patients with compromised immune systems, like cancer patients, AIDS and burn victims. She studied herbal compounds with antiseptic qualities and developed an effective product useful as an inhaler or antiseptic spray.

• A new treatment for skin cancer made from the sap of a common garden weed has proven effective on 71 percent of basal cell carcinomas in Australia. In phase II test results released in May, the PEP005 Topical gel cleared up the most common type of skin cancer in just two applications on two consecutive days. The plant, petty spurge has been used for years in Australia to treat cancerous spots on the skin.

• Topping off this year in health was the release of new analysis of breast cancer rates in American women that revealed a startling decline in the disease. Researchers believe that millions of older women refraining from taking hormone pills led to 14,000 fewer cases of tumors in 2003.

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