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When Michigan mom Jessica Lindsay saw two police officers approaching her children last week, she began to worry. What was going on?

The concern soon gave way to delight as she realized the officers, who had been responding to a call in their Muskegon neighborhood, just wanted to get in on the kids’ football game.

“We first started to play catch right here in the yard,” Jessica’s son, Marquan, explained. “Then he (the officer) said, ‘You guys want to play a game?’”

Her oldest son asked his mom to record it, so she got her phone and later posted it on Facebook. With more than 700,000 views, the clip itself has been a

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Lindsay said “it’s awesome” that there are still good officers out there, ones that would take time from their busy schedules to interact with the community’s children. “We need that more often,” she told WOOD-TV 8.

(WATCH interviews from WOOD-TV or SEE the mom’s video below)


Come outside and this is wht I seen...two Muskegon police officer was plyn football wit the kids.

Posted by Jessica Lindsay on Thursday, April 16, 2015

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