This formerly homeless man who was begging in Edinburgh was given a home for Christmas thanks to two kind-hearted tourists who had gotten lost in the city.

Annis Lindkvist and her sister Emma were traveling through Scotland before returning home to Sagmyra, Sweden for Christmas. After asking Jimmy Fraser for directions, the three struck up a conversation, became friends, and exchanged numbers.

They were so touched by Jimmy’s personality, that when they heard he would be spending Christmas alone, they offered to renew his passport and fly him back to Sweden with them so he could spend the yuletide festivities with their family.

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Jimmy, a 54-year-old father of two who became homeless after his divorce 13 years ago, was shocked by the offer, but gratefully accepted.

“We give money to charity every month but we have never done anything like this before.” Annie told BBC Scotland. “There were friends and family who thought I was really crazy but I just opened my home to him and said that everything that is ours was his too.”

Annis says that Jimmy has become a beloved part of the family and is invited back for Easter vacation.

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