This little toy ship is now well on its way to sailing the seven seas after it somehow managed to travel all the way from Scotland to Scandinavia.

The custom-designed sailboat was created by the young Ferguson brothers—8-year-old Ollie and 5-year-old Harry—as a means of completing their bucket list dream of enabling a toy ship to travel the ocean.

In order to make sure that their vessel could withstand the salty sea, however, they had to make a few modifications to the little plastic toy. The youngsters gave the boat a counterweight to keep it from tipping over and a hull full of polystyrene so it would stay afloat.

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Then, they named the ship Adventure and sent it on its way.

The boat also carried a note that asked anyone who found the vessel to place it back in the sea and let the Fergusons know where it had traveled. While launching the Playmobil ship from their home in Turiff had been one of their bucket list goals, they never expected it to make it as far as it did.

The family chronologically received responses from residents in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway before news outlets started reporting on Adventure’s travels.

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The Norwegian conservation vessel that found the ship in northern waters now reportedly plans on carrying Adventure with them until they can launch the boat into the Atlantic.

“I was concerned that the currents along the coast would take it down the north east coast of Scotland, so I was over the moon when it made a beeline for Scandinavia,” Harry and Ollie’s dad told the BBC.

“The boys have enjoyed it and every time we get a message telling us where it has landed we get on the computer and work out where it went, so they are tracking its progress on the map and it gives them an understanding of how big the world is.”

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