An 87-year-old Nevada woman rushing to see her son, who was in critical condition in a Salt Lake City hospital 350 miles away, got pulled over for a traffic violation by a Utah State Trooper — and then she backed her vehicle into his patrol car.

It turned out to be a blessing for the white-haired mother, and one that set off a chain reaction of professional courtesy.

Jeff Jones determined she was in no state to drive and made a call.

”Four good-lookin’ patrol boys” ended up driving Helen “Skeeter” Smith across the state on Friday, each shuttling her through a different county to reach the hospital.

The relay anchor, State Trooper Andrew Pollard, told KUTV-2, “To have (hospital staff) there waiting, to hold her hand as we walked into the hospital… it was very, very rewarding.”

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story from KUTV-2)

Story tip from Joel Arellano

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