vegetable grower-UK-grocery1,500 tons of food that would have gone to waste will now go to UK charities every year thanks to an innovative plan by the British grocery chain, Asda.

Teaming up with hunger charity FareShare, Asda will divert surplus refrigerated food that arrives from suppliers, ensuring it won’t end up in the trash bin.

This pioneering change means an extra 3.6 million meals every year for FareShare – and the 910 charities they support – increasing the amount of their distributed food by 41%.

Asda normally shipped surplus produce back to suppliers, paying the extra transportation costs, whenever it received more stock than expected.

Because of expired dates on the food much of it ended up in the trash bin at the other end of the supply chain. This adds up to thousands of cases of fruits and vegetables, especially when you consider that nine million cases of fresh food are delivered to Asda every week.

So instead of sending this stock back, they’re going to give it directly to FareShare.

“We’re actually flipping that on its head and turning it to a power of good,” said Barry Williams, chief grocery merchandising officer. “We’re giving that back to the communities — helping to feed millions of families around the UK who would otherwise go hungry.”

(WATCH a news report from ITV)

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