phone-charger.jpgThe International Telecommunication Union has given its stamp of approval to a new energy-efficient universal phone charger that will be compatible with all future phones made by every mobile phone manufacturer, regardless of make and model.

The new Universal Charging Solution (UCS) uses a Micro-USB plug that will fit all future phones regardless of the make and model (some phones already use this standard). The standardization, announced last week, will dramatically cut the number of chargers produced each year — 51,000 tons annually are mostly discarded into landfills. Chargers will become an option when buying a phone rather than a necessity, cutting down on packaging size and shipping weights, and carbon emmisions in the process.

Users worldwide will be able to charge their mobiles anywhere from any available charger, while also reducing the energy consumed while charging. The trade association, GSMA, which represents more than 1,000 mobile operators and companies predicts the new universal charger will provide a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption, eliminating 13.6 million tons in greenhouse gas emissions each year.

The Director of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, Malcolm Johnson said: “This is a significant step in reducing the environmental impact of mobile charging, which also has the benefit of making mobile phone use more straightforward.”

UCS chargers will also include a 4-star or higher efficiency rating – up to three times more energy-efficient than an unrated charger.

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