coach for special olympics-WSILvidOne news station looks back at the community members who demonstrated an unselfish attitude to help others in 2013.

  1. Like, Matthew Williams, who is only 15 years old but he’s helping kids with cancer through Matt’s hats.
  2. The streets of Murphysboro are much cleaner thanks to Maria McCormick. At 88 years young, Maria walks a couple of miles each day collecting litter and trash.
  3. Randall Risley started Coaches vs Cancer four years ago at Zeigler-Royalton High School. In that time the school has raised $50,000 and earned top spot in the state each year.
  4. In May the community came together for a woman fighting breast cancer and raised $16,000 with a barbecue and raffle.
  5. The tiny town of Brookport saw widespread devastation and over 100 homes suffered damage. The community came together to help their neighbors in this time of need.

“That unselfish attitude is what makes southern Illinois a special place to live,” writes the WSIL news staff. “We look forward to telling you about more Unsung Heroes in 2014.”

(WATCH the video highlights of these stories below, or READ the stories from WSIL)


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