Rowdy Kids Make Good for Damage

A homeowner in South Padre Island, Texas, was dismayed to find the rear windshield of her 2004 Buick was smashed in, with glass scattered everywhere.

The mysterious perpetrator, presumed to be a Spring Breaker, left $200 worth of 20-dollar bills on the car’s back seat, along with a note reading "Here you go. I’m sorry." (AP reported the Story)


  1. wow
    It’s refreshing to hear that someone took responsibility for their actions. It’s obvious that person has a good conscience and even though they didn’t leave their name, they made up for it by providing $ to cover the cost of damages.

  2. I know what you mean
    Especially young people on spring break, it is so responsible to leave 200 in cash for your mistake. I didn’t behave as honorably when I was in late teens. I had to grow into integrity…

    Thanks for the comment.


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