These puppers are on their way to being star service dogs – but they have to put in the work first.

The nonprofit Puppy Prodigies Neo-Natal and Early Learning Program trains little hounds to become service dogs. By the time the pups are 12 weeks old, they already know how to open the fridge, unzip a jacket, turn on a light switch, and fetch the mail.

Even if the canines don’t go on to become service dogs, the training has been shown to have long-term advantages in preventing future behavioral issues.

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“Working with puppies at this neo-natal and early age instills a deep rooted bond to humans, gives them a solid foundation for all future endeavors, builds confidence, fosters enthusiasm for training, instills a willingness to be of service (in the case of a working dog future), reduces the possibility of a mature dog ending up in a shelter because of behavioral issues, and so much more,” says the organization.

Ricochet the surf dog – famous for assisting kids with disabilities and veterans with PTSD – is just one of many pups who has completed the program.

Not only is it good for the dogs, but it’s also adorable for us humans to watch as well.

(WATCH the video below)

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