This shelter doesn’t believe in euthanizing dogs just because they aren’t perfect – that’s why they not only take in abandoned pups, but they also give them a set of wheels as well.



Romanian dog shelter Adăpostul Speranța takes in injured and paralyzed hounds and gives them wheelchairs so they can play with their friends.



“At Speranța, we insist not to leave any dog behind,” says the organization’s Facebook. “Beside the worst of cases, when putting a dog to sleep can save him from a life of torment and pain, we absolutely refuse to end a life that, with proper care, can be a happy one. And we’re also the ones who provide that care, and the happiness of our paraplegic dogs is our reward.”



Since the shelter only runs on donations, however, the organization is quickly running out of funds to replace wheelchairs that have broken or grown too small for their owner.




“As winter is getting closer and our accounts are almost empty, you are our only hope. Any donation, no matter how small, is a real life jacket for our canine friends.”


You can find Adăpostul Speranța’s donation information by going to their website – otherwise you can follow their activity on Facebook.

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