deer saved by man in canoeHe has hunted and fished in the Minnesota lake for decades and though you might thing this means Jeff Slygh has no compassion for animals, you would be wrong.

He turned from hunter into rescuer Sunday morning when a neighbor told him a deer fell through the ice and was stuck out in the middle of Nichols Lake.

“She was tired and she was shaking,” explained Slygh, who, after some dawdling, decided to haul his canoe to his truck and go try to help.

He had to break through the ice with his paddle until he reached the doe. Although afraid of what might happen if he tried to pull the animal into the canoe, that’s just what he did.

(WATCH the great video below, or READ the full story from WDIO)

Thanks to Joel Arellano for submitting the link on our Facebook Page!

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