There is a striking correlation between violence and nutrient in the diet. A clinical trial at the U.S. government’s National Institutes for Health and earlier studies involving people with violent records found that those given supplements have been able for the first time to control their anger and aggression…

The causes of increase in violent crime in the last decades may well be decaying pathways of the brain deadened by the lack of nutrition in the stomach. The story in the Guardian also recalls an earlier study of prisoners from 2002 striking in its results. Yet, surprisingly the discovery caused little stir in the media and no perceivable action from government.

This 2002 GNN story, “The Appleton Revolution” documents the profound benefits witnessed by problem teens when their diet is completely changed and enhanced. It also mentions the 2002 study documenting the effects of multi-vitamins on prisoners. (Guardian)


  1. Same message as Super-Size Me””
    Dear Geri,  I have not read the whole previous article about the kids in Wisconsin, but that must be the school that was featured in Super-Size Me.”&nbsp

  2. Hey John,
    It is REALLY amazing what happened in Wisconsin…
    Whole foods, like pot roast and potatoes were served at lunch, with whole grain bread… The school, which had problems with violence and distracted kids showed a remarkable improvement, down to 0 episodes of violence… One teacher had planned on retiring but changed his mind after the revolution got underway…

    The brain is the thing we know the least about. These are simple neural pathways being blocked. I hope more school officials READ and ACT on this new data.

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