When Karamel the squirrel was found with her front legs caught in an animal trap, some rescuers believed that there was nothing they could do to help the critter.

Thanks to their perseverance, however, Karamel is not only more mobile than ever – but she also has a loving home.

After the little squirrel was found in the trap in Batman, Turkey, rescuers brought her to a local animal hospital for medical attention.

The veterinarians said that her injuries were too severe to do anything, so Karamel was then brought to a compassionate man named Tayfun Demir who has rescued squirrels in the past in Istanbul –roughly 700 miles away from Batman.

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Because gangrene had already infected Karamel’s injuries, it was impossible to salvage her legs; so Demir enlisted the help of a local orthotist, orthopedist, and physical therapist to save her.

The young squirrel underwent two surgeries, one of which lasted six hours. But thanks to the help of the volunteer specialists, she now has a pair of prosthetic wheels that allow her to stay mobile and zoom around the floor without any front legs.

Not only that, but Demir has already adopted her into his family of rescue squirrels.

(WATCH the adorable video below)

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