BevilhymerHope Bevilhymer from West Jordan, Utah, is “America’s Greatest Hometown Hero” in the third annual Volvo for Life Awards. Her inspired work in developing countries around the world helping those in need to receive prosthetic limbs, won her a complimentary new Volvo car every three years for the rest of her life. The Limbs of Hope Foundation was born out of the difficulties in her own life raising money to buy a prosthetic limb when it was not covered by insurance.

Know someone who is serving others? Nominate your hometown hero for the annual Volvo for Life Awards and they could receive a $50,000 donation to a charity of choice, a trip for two to the Times Square Awards gala with their nominator and a guest.…or even a Volvo for life.

Born with bilateral clubfeet, Hope Bevilhymer had undergone more than 29 unsuccessful surgeries by age 25 and was taking 100 Tylenol a week to manage her pain. Faced with the decision to either amputate one leg from the knee down or to undergo additional surgeries, she chose to amputate.

Soon after her surgery, Bevilhymer received used prosthetics from people who thought she could use them. About the same time, she saw a documentary on African and Laotian refugees who were land-mine amputees unable to afford prosthetic limbs. Realizing the connection, Bevilhymer created the Limbs of Hope Foundation in 2003, which collects prosthetic limbs to share with people in developing countries. As of the summer of 2005, Limbs of Hope had provided more than 55 prosthetic limbs to people in such countries as Cambodia, Mexico and Romania who otherwise would spend the rest of their lives missing limbs.

(Thanks to Cathy in Chicago for the link)

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