It’s the battle of the century.

With winter waiting just around the corner, these wild bears are beefing up for hibernation—and one national park service has taken it upon themselves to hold a nail-biting competition for who will be the fattest bear of 2019.

Every year, the Katmai National Park and Preserve Facebook page rallies social media users together to participate in their annual Fat Bear Week.

The administrators host the competition by comparing the “before” and “after” photos of two local brown bears. The “before” photos depict the massive mammals at their typical summer body weight.

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The “after” photos, on the other hand, are taken more recently to show off the bears’ impressive weight gain after months of stuffing their faces with salmon for the long chilly months ahead.

Once social media users have voted on which bear is the chunkiest, the winner moves on to the next round of the tubby tournament.

The park rangers say that they first launched the competition several years ago as a means of teaching people about bears in a fun and engaging way—so now with several hundred votes on each bear, it’s probably pretty safe to say that their plan worked.


As of right now, there have already been several scrawny bears eliminated from Fat Bear Week—but there are still many rounds to go.

If you want to vote on who will be the fattest bear, make sure that you check out the Katmai National Park Facebook page as the competitors are selected throughout the week.

May the fattest bear win.

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