vote-button-lrgWhat can we infer from last night’s election results across the country? . . . Overall, voters punished elected officials for going too far.

Ohio – Voters might not be happy with public-sector unions, but they don’t support taking away collective-bargaining rights.

Maine – Voters might be concerned about the idea of voter fraud, but they don’t want to lose rights they’ve known, like the opportunity to register to vote on election day.

Mississippi – Voters might be against abortion, but don’t want to potentially outlaw things like birth control.

Arizona – Voters might be troubled by illegal immigration, but they don’t want their elected officials to look like they are targeting a specific community. (The legislator who authored the controversial immigration law was recalled and is now unemployed.)

It seems like moderation ruled the day, which, overall, is good news.

(READ the analysis by Chuck Todd in First Read)

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