When small talk accidentally brought up a family tragedy, a waitress touched the hearts of her customers who later spread the news about her good deed.

Waitress Kayla Lane recognized two regular customers of the West Side Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas, and asked them about their newborn daughter. The couple told her their baby passed away at just nine-days-old.Ticket-Debbie-Davis-Riddle-FB-page

Lane felt terrible, and at the end of the meal, handed them a note that read: “Your ticket has been paid for. We are terribly sorry for your loss. God Bless. – The West Side.”

Even though she told Shaun and Debbie Riddle the restaurant had paid for their meal, it was Lane, herself, who picked up the check.

It was a simple act, but the Riddles say it touched them deeply in a time of grief.

It’s touched other people, too. Debbie Riddle posted the story to her Facebook page and it’s been shared more than 10,000 times.

(WATCH the video below or READ it from KTVT News)


Photos: KTVT video and Facebook  – Story tip from carilyn

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