dj-gregory-pga-walk.jpgD.J. Gregory’s parents were told he would never walk. But with their constant encouragement, D.J. became the master of his cerebral palsy, and last week at age 30 he triumphed, achieving his dream of walking with underdeveloped lungs and twisted legs every hole of the entire PGA tour — 988 miles in 11 months.

D. J. has loved golf since he was a kid, teaching himself to swing with one arm (while holding a cane with the other). On Nov. 9, he completed his year-long mission, walking for more than 180 rounds of golf, 3,256 holes, meeting pro golfers along the way and inspiring scores of fans with his determination and spirit.

He kept an online journal of his travels detailing his experiences meeting all the pro golfers — dining with some — as well as the number of times he’s fallen down while walking his walk.

He was the ABC News Person of the Week last Friday.

When not fulfilling his sports dream, D.J lives independently with a masters degree in Sports Marketing and works as an entrepreneur.

(WATCH a video below from CBS News)

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