Nico and Lady Gaga-Youtube

10-year-old Nico Perry may be non-verbal, but his happy little dance-along with his favorite pop star says it all.

Nico has Down syndrome as well as being functionally non-verbal – so when Lady Gaga started her performance of “Born This Way” at the Super Bowl half-time show, Nico couldn’t agree more.

His father David, who shared the video of his shimmying son on Twitter, couldn’t help but be moved by his son’s enthusiasm.

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The magical anthem of individuality doesn’t specifically mention disabilities, but Nico relates to the proud message anyway by unabashedly being his funky little self.

“He was born his way too,” said David. “My son dances like someone’s watching. In fact he checks every so often and gets mad if you’re not watching.”

(WATCH the video below)


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